Katy Perry Goes to Paris Fashion Week Wearing a 152 Meter Dress

Katy Perry Goes to Paris Fashion Week Wearing a 152 Meter Dress

Know Your IdolKaty Perry stole the attention of fashion lovers and the public when attending the world fashion week, Paris Fashion Week. How come? The reason is that she appeared  wearing a 152 meter long dress.

The red dress with very long tails was designed by Balenciaga. Quoted from Matt News, Thursday (27/6/2024) along the tail of the dress were printed sentence after sentence which turned out to be the lyrics to the song ‘Woman’s World’, which is Katy Perry’s latest single.

Yes, behind her viral appearance, it turns out that Katy Perry is promoting her latest single which will be released on July 11 2024.

The video of Katy Perry wearing a viral dress was widely discussed on social media. Many netizens initially wondered what word for word was  printed on the tail of the dress made from luxurious velvet fabric.

Until finally it was revealed that the sentence on the tail of the dress was, ‘It’s a woman’s world and you’re lucky to live in it / Sexy, confident / So smart / She’s sent from heaven / So soft, so strong’.

Netizens who own the Twitter account @ViralContentz shared a video of Katy Perry entering the Ritz Paris to watch the Balenciaga show. The video is 1 minute 29 seconds long and until the video was finished, the tail of the dress had not yet reached the end. The video was re-shared by the Twitter account @westenthu and had been watched by more than 26.2 thousand netizens.



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