So Kim Kardashian’s Business Model, Sabrina Carpenter’s Enmity with Taylor Swift?

Sabrina Carpenter's

Know Your IdolSabrina Carpenter has finally spoken up about allegations of having problems with Taylor Swift for being a fashion business model for Kim Kardashian, her arch enemy. Casually, Sabrina admitted that she and Taylor Swift remain close.

Stay Friends with Taylor Swift

Sabrina Carpenter, the 25 year old ‘Espresso’ singer, really made fans excited when she appeared in Kim Kardashian’s Skims ad, Taylor Swift’s arch enemy, last April. Even though at that time he was on holiday from playing with the band on the Eras Tour. But don’t worry, this tiny pop star says everything is safe with her friends.

In a recent interview in Rolling Stone, this former Disney star said that being a Skims advertising model didn’t cause any problems at all with her friends. Sabrina Carpenter also admitted that she doesn’t really follow gossip about her collaboration with Kim Kardashian.

“People think we have to know everything, even though I’m busy working,” said Sabrina Carpenter, giving the code that she had already talked to Taylor about the ad, quoted from Page Six.

“About that, I’ve talked a lot with him. I really love Taylor and will continue to support him,” said Sabrina.

The hit singer continues to try to reassure fans that the advertisement will not create an awkward atmosphere. At the same time throwing light shade at July netizens.

“Well, you know, netizens are just talking about their work,” said Sabrina.

Sabrina Carpenter’s Skims campaign came out last April and featured several photos of the star posing in lacy underwear and basic cotton items. The theme of the photo is 90s style, with Sabrina lying in a retro bedroom, chatting on a wireless telephone, and listening to music on a Discman.

Oh yes, Sabrina is not the only friend of Taylor Swift who is a Skims model. There is Lana Del Rey who first became Kim Kardashian’s business model. Indeed, Kim Kardashian always attracts viral stars to collaborate. It’s not surprising that Kim Kardashian collaborated with Bridgerton star, Nicola Coughlan for her latest clothing campaign. The thing is, the queen of reality shows is really a big fan of the series.

“Everyone knows I’ve been a big fan of Nicola and ‘Bridgerton’ from the start. So when she wanted to be the star of our Soft Lounge campaign, it felt like a dream come true!” said Kim Kardashian about working with Nicola Coughlan.

Turns out, they both love corsets. Kim Kardashian once begged to come to the Bridgerton series fitting. You see, her iconic corset at the 2019 Met Gala and the corset in the Bridgerton series were both made by the legendary designer Mr. Pearl.

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