Acting Nude Scenes in Bridgerton 3, Nicola Coughlan: It Was My Idea

Nicola Coughlan

Know Your Idol – Being the main focus in Bridgerton 3, Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington admitted that there will be a lot of sex scenes that she will act with Luke Newton who plays the character of Colin Bridgerton. Even though she felt nervous, who would have thought that the initiative for the nude scene was actually her own suggestion.

Act Out Nude Scenes

The star of the Bridgerton series, Nicola Coughlan, who plays the character Penelope Featherington, recently said that having a sex scene with her co-star, Luke Newton (Colin Bridgerton) in the series Bridgerton 3 was a relief even though she felt nervous at first.

“At the end, we were both lying under the covers, unclothed, just relaxing. We were like, “This is why nudists do it,” he was quoted as saying by Variety FOR4D.

Nicola Coughlan even insisted on appearing naked for a scene in Bridgerton 3 part 2 as a direct response to netizens criticizing her weight on social media. He took the initiative to propose including naked scenes in Bridgerton season 3 as a symbol of self-confidence and how physical appearance does not affect anything.

“I specifically asked for certain lines and moments to be included,” Coughlan continued.

“There was one scene where I was completely naked in front of the camera, and that was my idea, my choice. It felt like the biggest ‘fuck’ of all the conversations surrounding my body; it’s very empowering. I felt beautiful then, and I thought: ‘When I’m 80, I want to look back on this and remember how sexy I looked!’” she explains.

Was criticized because of his weight

Nicola Coughlan has battled criticism about her weight in the past. He immediately nudged them in an Instagram post in 2022.

“If you have an opinion about my body, please, don’t share it with me… It’s really hard to bear the weight of thousands of opinions about your appearance being sent. straight to you every day,” he said.

He later said that his main focus was his work in acting. Apart from that, he wants to be known in the industry for his acting skills, not just for his physical appearance.

“All I care about is work. “Body changes, if I lose weight or gain weight or I do whatever, it’s nobody’s business, all I care about is doing good acting and being judged based on that,” he concluded about Bridgerton 3.

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