Celine Dion Cries at a Documentary Film Screening about Her Journey in Facing Stiff-Person Syndrome

Celine Dion

Know Your IdolCeline Dion has reappeared after not being seen for a long time due to undergoing treatment for the stiff-person Syndrome she suffers from. He attended the premiere of the documentary film showing his struggle with this disease, I Am: Celine Dion.

At the event held at Amazon MGM Studios on Monday (17/6/2024) in New York, Celine Dion looked fresh in an all-white outfit. The singer of “To Love You More” also had time to greet the invited guests present. As reported by People, he expressed his gratitude to the people closest to him in his life. Starting from the doctor who treated him, to his three sons.

“I wouldn’t be here without the daily support of my amazing children. Thank you, René-Charles. Thanks Nelson. Thank you, Eddy. I am very grateful,” he said,

The atmosphere became even more emotional when this 56 year old singer greeted his fans BO Togel.

“Thanks to you, my fans, your presence on my journey has been an incredible blessing. “Your never-ending love and support for various things has led me to this moment,” said the soundtrack artist for the film “Titanic” in a trembling voice.

Celine Dion’s Love Letter to Fans

Her eldest child, Rene-Charles, even delivered tissue to his mother who wiped her tears several times FOR4D.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am, to have friends in my life,” Celine wiped her tears again.

Celine Dion added, “Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for being part of my journey. This film is my love letter to you.”

“I hope to meet you all as soon as possible,” Celine Dion concluded her speech, greeted by thunderous applause from the audience.

Want to Raise Awareness about Stiff-Person Syndrome

Celine Dion announced this documentary film project in early 2024. Apart from being a cure for fans, the film I Am: Celine Dion is intended to increase public knowledge about Stiff Person Syndrome.

“In this break, I decided to document this part of my life, trying to provide information about this little-known condition, to help others who have the same diagnosis,” said Celine Dion in a statement about the film.

I Am: Celine Dion will be released on Prime Video FOR4D on June 25.

Celine Dion’s disease, Stiff Person Syndrome

Celine Dion announced her health condition in an Instagram post, December 2022. “I recently received a diagnosis of a very rare nervous disorder, called stiff-person syndrome which attacks around one in a million people,” she said at that time.

Celine Dion said that this diagnosis finally explained why she often experienced disturbing spasms or muscle spasms.

“Sometimes I have difficulty walking, and this doesn’t allow me to use my vocal cords to sing like I usually do,” Celine Dion revealed.

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