Margot Robbie Will Produce Live Action Film Adaptation of The Sims Game!

Margot Robbie

Know Your Idol – Did you know, it is reported that this game, which had sales of up to 200 million downloads when it was launched in 2000, will soon be adapted into a feature film. This news was reported by from The Hollywood Reporter. An equally interesting fact is that this film will reportedly be produced by Margot Robbie, who will also star.

The work on this film project was of course carried out by LuckyChap Entertainment, namely the production company owned by Margot Robbiem Josey McNamara, Sophia Kerr and Tom Ackerley. LuckyChap will collaborate with Vertigo Entertainment and Electronic Arts, which are the game releases themselves.

Apart from that, LuckyChap will involve Kate Herron, who previously directed the LOKI film series on Disney+, as director. In writing the film script, Kate Herron will collaborate with Briony Redman. Meanwhile, information regarding cast details, broadcast schedule, trailer and plot has not yet been announced by LuckyChap.
The Sims game is a life simulation game that provides various characters that can be created according to your wishes. For example, someone who plays The Sims wants to have an appearance, character or traits in a simulation game that are very different from real life. This is one of the excitements when playing this game. This game allows you to collaborate with other players.

In this game, a simple house is also provided which over time can be renovated as desired if you try to get points. Both from the shape of the house, garden, furniture equipment, and so on. Players can really get their dream home with a design they create themselves. There are many missions that can be done in this game, and of course if players complete them well, they will get several points. These points can later be used to upgrade things, such as houses and fashion.

Apart from that, this game is really like life. In this game players can do and determine many things such as career, hobbies and love stories. Uniquely, in this game players can be told to get married and have a family like the real world, so they can work according to their wishes and enjoy income until retirement. The American production house founded by Margo Robbie in 2014, namely LuckyChap Entertainment, is based in Los Angeles, United States. Apart from Margo Robbie, this company was also founded by Tom Ackerley, Josey McNamara, and Sophia Kerr.

The LuckyChap production house achieved its biggest success in 2023 with Warner Bros. This success was achieved after releasing the film BARBIE, producing SALTBURN on the Prime Video platform which was the work of director Emerald Fennell, as well as the film SUNDANCE MY OLD ASS FOR4D which was included in the Favorite Film Festival Film, which was sold to Amazon MGM Studio for 15 million US dollars or the equivalent of 237 billion rupiah. The news about the film adaptation of the game The Sims comes after many nominations and wins throughout the 2024 awards season, which were obtained after the release of the film BARBIE. The film, produced and starring Margot Robbie based on the Mattel doll, earned more than 1.4 billion US dollars or the equivalent of 22 trillion rupiah at the global box office.

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