Not a Rumor Anymore! Ryan Gosling Confirmed to Become a Superhero in the MCU

Ryan Gosling

Know Your Idol – The actor who performed his song “I’m Just Ken” at the Oscar awards night, Ryan Gosling, has officially joined and played a role in the Marvel cinematic Universe. Ryan Gosling has recently achieved acting success playing Ken (BARBIE 2023) and will play Colt Seavers (THE FALL GUY 2024) which will be released next May.

Rumors that Ryan Gosling will sign a contract with Marvel came from a Twitter or ” on Wednesday (14/3). Of course, netizens were shocked by guessing what role would suit Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling is predicted to become one of the heroes in the Marvel Universe. Let’s see more about Ryan Gosling in this!

1. Ryan Gosling is happy to join the MCU hero

After the success of his role in the film BARBIE and being nominated for an Oscar, Ryan Gosling will be adopted by Marvel soon. It was recently reported that Ryan Gosling approached Marvel with various potential character offers for him, including Doctor Doom, The Sentry, Ghost Rider or even Nova. However, it was reported in Cosmic Book News that Ryan Gosling has been confirmed to have signed a contract with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel quickly adopted Ryan Gosling, whose career was already on the rise as a Hollywood actor.

2. The character that will be played by Ryan Gosling

There are various responses and guesses about the character that Ryan Gosling will play. Rumors that Ryan Gosling will be Nova have been denied by him via Josh Horowitz. The rumor emerged because he has starred in BLADE RUNNER 2049 which fits Nova’s atmosphere in the MCU which is about futuristic films.

Gosling has also admitted that he would love to star in a road-going MCU film and would love to play the character of Ghost Rider. However, the news circulating is still uncertain and there has been no further confirmation from Marvel FOR4D. Any character that Ryan Gosling plays or plays always ends up being epic and going to be really cool

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