Bianca Censori Was Almost Naked When Walking With Kanye West, Only Wearing a Transparent Raincoat

Bianca Censori

Know Your IdolBianca Censori, Kanye West’s wife, has again caused a stir with her appearance. She was recently caught almost naked because she only wore a transparent raincoat when walking with her husband. Censori wore a transparent raincoat and looked naked as he walked through the rain on his way to the music studio with West in Los Angeles on Monday, February 5 2024. Censori’s poncho raincoat had black writing on it. the front to cover part of the chest area. There are also buttons at the top and bottom which make it a little less transparent, even though the curves of the body are clearly visible. For footwear, the 29 year old woman only wears black boots with high heels. Based on photos taken by paparazzi, she was seen holding her cellphone with one hand and placing it at the bottom of her private area.

Meanwhile, the raincoat does not have any brand. It’s unclear exactly what is written on the raincoat, but it appears to say “DAILY” in large letters with various numbers and letters below and above the logo. Meanwhile, West opted for a more conservative look with a black leather jacket, black pants, black rain boots and black leather gloves. Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband adjusted his appearance by wearing a black face mask that covered his entire head. Meanwhile, to protect himself from the rain, he wore a cream poncho raincoat like a tarpaulin over his all-black clothes. However, this is not the first time the couple has been caught on camera wearing raincoats. They were spotted wearing similar looks two weeks ago.

The Grammy winner and his wife were previously pictured each wearing plastic raincoats. However, Censori’s previous appearance was blue and slightly less transparent than his latest appearance. Censori also combined his appearance with black underwear at that time. West appeared in a brown Balenciaga jacket and wore black pants and black boots for his outfit.

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