Feeling like the new Princess Diana, Meghan Markle is annoyed at having to submit to Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle

Know Your IdolMeghan Markle is skinned again. This time, through Tom Bower’s latest book entitled House of Bechkam. In the book, Meghan Markle is said to be comfortable with Princess Diana and annoyed with Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle considers herself the new Princess Diana but is annoyed with Kate Middleton

The biographical book entitled House of Beckham by Tom Bower, examines the relationship and careers of Victoria and David Beckham, as well as their friendship with the royal family. Of course, Meghan Markle is not in the spotlight. Because The Beckhams are an old friend of Prince Harry.

According to The Independent, Tom said that Meghan considered herself the ‘new Princess Diana’ after the success of the Sussexes’ first royal tour to Australia. During the visit, the Duchess of Sussex announced her first pregnancy, namely Prince Archie.

However, according to the celebrity biographer, Meghan Markle felt dissatisfied because in the royal hierarchy, she had to submit to Kate Middleton, who would also become Queen in the future.

Envy of The Bechkam’s Wealth

Apart from that, in the book Houses of Bechkam, allegations of jealousy towards Victoria Beckham were also revealed. Apparently, this jealousy arose because David Beckham’s wife was richer than Meghan. Tom stated that Meghan acted all over Victoria when they first met, due to her status within the royal family and as a Californian actress who felt she had little in common with the former Spice Girls member.

“In Meghan’s world of celebrity, ranking depends on wealth and fame. As an experienced person, Meghan made herself believe that her status in the royal family placed her above Victoria in the social pecking order,” he said.

“He was offended to learn that the Beckhams had far more wealth than he did. They had five houses, constant access to private jets, invitations to cruise on yachts and much more money. And he would soon be a Duchess,” said Tom Bower at the House of Bechkam regarding Meghan Markle’s behavior.





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