Join One Piece Live Action, This is the Profile of David Dastmalchian, the Top Hollywood Actor Who Has Played Ant-Man and Suicide Squad

David Dastmalchian

Know Your Idol – Fans of the One Piece manga and anime story were recently made excited by the announcement of the line-up of players who had joined to appear in One Piece Live Action Season 2 on Netflix. One of the actors whose name was announced was David Dastmalchian. David Dastmalchian’s name is in the first group of announcements of the three groups that have been submitted until this news was prepared. Other names announced alongside David Dastmalchian were Jazzara Jaslyn as Miss Valentine, Camrus Johnson as Mr. 5, and Daniel Lasker as Mr. 9.

David Dastmalchian himself plays a character who is unique and iconic because his hair forms the number 3 (three). This character also has an important role in the manga and anime because it influences the character development of the main character, Luffy. The figure of David Dastmalchian is not a new name in the world of Hollywood cinema and he is no longer considered young. It can be considered that David Dastmalchian is one of the top actors in Hollywood because he has appeared in world box office films and films that have won prestigious awards. Here’s his profile.

David Dastmalchian Before Career

Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA on July 21 1975, David Dastmalchian is the son of an engineer of Armenian and Iranian descent who worked at an engineering firm. Unfortunately, his father divorced from his mother. David Dastmalchian grew up in Kansas, USA, and left school in 1994 with a keen interest in the drama club. David was also bullied by his friends as a child because he suffered from vitiligo, an autoimmune disorder or disease that causes loss of skin color in the form of spots. Before joining One Piece, apparently David already had a hobby of collecting comics, one of his favorite activities besides football and theater. After graduating from high school, David studied at DePaul University’s Theater School until graduating in 1999. He worked in restaurants and was a fisherman.

The work of David Dastmalchian

Entering the world of acting, David Dastmalchian was involved in a number of theater companies in the Chicago area. His debut appearance in films began with the Batman film, The Dark Knight (2008). In this film, David plays one of the Joker’s henchmen. David Dastmalchian also played Bob Taylor in the film Prisoners (2013) which received much praise. David then starred in the film he wrote himself, Animals, which was released in 2014.

David Dastmalchian Ant-Man also appeared in the film Ant-Man (2015) and its sequel (2018) as Scott Lang’s friend Kurt. Returning to the world of superheroes, David appeared in The Suicide Squad (2021) as Polka-Dot Man, a character who represented himself as a child, when he was still being bullied because of vitiligo. Other top films he has acted in include Blade Runner 2049, Dune, and the Oscar-winning film, Oppenheimer. David also appeared in the horror films Late Night with the Devil and The Boogeyman.

Television Appearances and Other Activities

In the world of television drama, David Dastmalchian debuted in one episode of the ER series in 2008. He then appeared in 11 episodes in the new edition of the MacGyver series (2016-2021), as an antagonist named Murdoc. As if fulfilling his passion for the world of comics, David appeared in the series Gotham (a prequel to the Batman story) and the series The Flash as a villain named Abra Kadabra.

Apart from acting, David Dastmalchian also fulfills his passion for comics by becoming a comic book writer. His debut was released in 2019 with the title Count Crowley published by Dark Horse Comics, drawn by Lukas Ketner. David Dastmalchian has a family after marrying Evelyn Leigh in 2014. Both live in Los Angeles, USA with their two children.

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