Concert in Malaysia, Bruno Mars Subject to Boycott Due to Support for Israel

Bruno Mars

Know Your IdolBruno Mars received strong criticism from the BDS or Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement in Malaysia ahead of the musician’s concert in Kuala Lumpur on September 17 2023. This criticism and protest was a form of the BDS movement’s response to Bruno Mars who once voiced support for Israel during a concert in Tel Aviv on October 4 2023. Apart from that, the protest and boycott of Bruno Mars by BDS Malaysia is also a form of support for the Palestinian people who are victims of genocide by Israel in Gaza.

“Bruno Mars is a talented artist, but talent is no reason to turn a blind eye to the ongoing genocide against fellow humans,” wrote BSD as reported by Malaysian media, The Sun on Friday (28/6).

“Even though Palestinians have been and are still experiencing ethnic cleansing from their homeland, Bruno openly expressed his support for the oppressor – the apartheid state of Israel,” the statement continued.

“We call on Bruno Mars to stand with Palestine and condemn all of Israel’s well-documented atrocities and criminal acts against Palestinians.” he continued.

In another post, BDS urged Bruno Mars to use his influence to support Palestine.

“Forget ‘talking to the moon,’ Mr. Mars. Let your words resonate with courage and clarity, challenging the tyranny and injustice that has invaded precious lives, filling their every breath ruthlessly, without regret,” wrote BDS.

“‘Just the way you are’ is not like us. So, use your voice as a weapon to do the right thing because anything less is not accepted here,” he continued.

BDS also uploaded a poster of Bruno Mars who appeared to be covered in blood while holding a grenade. The posters read “Say no to Bruno” and “Zionists and supporters of genocide are not welcome in Malaysia.”

BDS’ firm FOR4D action has made Bruno Mars fans in Malaysia hesitant to buy tickets to the It Will Rain singer’s concert. In fact, some fans have decided not to buy tickets to the concert.

“I know this organization (BDS) is conducting research, that’s why I chose not to attend,” said Alia, a Bruno Mars fan, as reported by The Star, Friday (28/6).

They also demanded that their idols raise their voices in support of Palestine. Fans see Bruno Mars’ silence as a form of indifference to humanity. Even so, there are also fans who want the Bruno Mars concert in Malaysia to still be held because Mars has never expressed his support for the Israeli army.

“I think this boycott should only apply to public figures who actively support the Zionist regime,” said Matt.

Matt believes that canceling Bruno Mars’ concert will be more detrimental to Malaysia than Mars himself.

“He is a very big star. Canceling this concert would just be a missed opportunity for our country,” he continued.

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