Justin Timberlake Was Arrested for Being Drunk While Driving

Justin Timberlake Arrested

Know Your IdolJustin Timberlake has to deal with the police. The Mirror singer was arrested after being caught driving under the influence of alcohol in the Hamptons, New York, on Monday (17/6/2024) evening local time.

Timberlake was arrested on Long Island late June 17 and remains in custody. His lawyer, Ed Burke, said that the American singer also committed several traffic violations such as running a stop sign and failing to maintain his lane. Justin Timberlake is said to have left the Hotel American in the area shortly before he was arrested. According to a spokesperson for the Sag Harbor Court of Justice, Timberlake will be arraigned on Tuesday (18/6/2024) US time in court on at least one count of driving under the influence (DWI) FOR4D.

“He was having dinner with friends last night. When he left the restaurant, there was a patrol car apparently stationed near the restaurant. He was stopped and arrested. No one was injured,” said one source.

Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake is currently on tour with his latest album, “Everything I Thought It Was”. The 42 year old man is scheduled to appear in Chicago on Friday (21/6/2024). Justin Timberlake was arrested 2 days after Father’s Day FOR4D.

Over the weekend, Timberlake also shared Father’s Day moments in an Instagram post. He can be seen sharing happy moments with his two children.

“My two greatest gifts. “I learn more about myself every day just because you two chose me to be your father,” Timberlake wrote.

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