Natural Portrait of Rihanna Without a Wig, Confident Showing off Her Natural Curly Hair


Know Your IdolRihanna recently surprised the public with her new appearance in New York. The reason is, this famous singer looks more natural, aka natural, without many frills. Rihanna is known to appear in public without wearing a wig, aka fake hair, in fact she is very confident by showing off her short, original curly hair in a golden brown pixie cut style, reported by E News, Tuesday (11/6/2024)

This look was a highlight, especially because Rihanna is usually known for wearing wigs and experimenting with various hairstyles. However, this time he chose to appear with his natural curly hair, highlighting the uniqueness of his hair.

Meanwhile, for outfits, the singer of hits Umbrella and Only Girl In The World seems to have chosen a simple but chic fashion style. Rihannya came wearing a light blue spaghetti strap top, combined with black oversized trousers and a brown fur coat draped over her shoulders.Her look was completed with high-heeled sandals, a black-and-white graphic bag from Louis Vuitton, layered gold necklaces, big hoop earrings and sunglasses. Meanwhile, her make-up was kept very minimalist, thus showing off her natural beauty.

Rihanna’s decision to show off her natural curls seems intentional, as a form of promotion ahead of the launch of her hair care product line, Fenty Hair Scatter Hitam. Having an image as a singer who likes to experiment with hairstyles, this 36 year old singer wants to ensure that his products can be used for various types of hair and needs, because they are designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair.

“I’ve had almost every texture (hair), color and length, weave, braids to natural,” said Rihanna.

“So I launched a flexible product line, not only for every hair desire, but also designed to strengthen and repair all hair types. That’s what we all really need!” he concluded bluntly.

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