Divorced From Caspar Jopling, Ellie Goulding: We Remain Close Friends

Ellie Goulding

Know Your IdolEllie Goulding, a famous singer from England who became popular thanks to the success of the song Love Me Like You Do. Positively, Ellie continues to work and produces many impressive songs. Until now, Ellie Goulding’s name is listed as a successful singer who has many fans. Ellie Goulding is known to have a husband named Caspar Jopling. They married in 2019, and have been blessed with one child as a result of their marriage.

Recently, Ellie Goulding released news of a breakdown in her household. Ellie and Caspar decided to divorce after 4½ years together. Through her Instagram account, Ellie announced that she and Caspar had decided to separate and asked fans to respect their decision. This celebrity couple is well known thanks to the intimate portraits they often share with the public. However, until now the reason for their divorce is not yet known for certain.

1. Ellie Goulding & Caspar Jopling’s Romance Journey

Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling first met in 2016 at a dinner with friends in New York. This celebrity couple’s relationship started smoothly because they both had good feelings for each other. Not long after, the two of them decided to go on a date in London. The increasingly serious relationship brings them into an increasingly intense relationship stage.

Two years later, Ellie and Caspar held their engagement which was greeted with lots of support from fans. Feel like you have a lot of compatibility in terms of hobbies, passion, and a growing sense of affection. Finally, in August 2019, they decided to hold a festive wedding ceremony at York Minster FOR4D. Their happiness was even more complete, in April 2021 Ellie Goulding gave birth to their baby named Arthur.

2. Divorce News

Through her Instagram account, Ellie Goulding has openly announced her separation from Caspar Jopling. This sudden announcement raised many question marks from fans, because Ellie and Caspar’s domestic life looks harmonious. However, without realizing it, the relationship between the two was no longer compatible. Many rumors emerged regarding signs of a breakdown in their marriage even before Ellie’s official statement.

In her Instagram story upload, Ellie revealed that “In light of recent news, I felt I had no other choice but to inform you all that Caspar and I have separated privately some time ago. We remain the closest friends and have managed to children together by prioritizing the best interests of our sons. We are committed to protecting our family’s privacy and are grateful to those who have respected our wishes.”

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