Relationship Getting More Serious, Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon Now Live in the Same House

Brad Pitt Ines De Ramon

Know Your IdolBrad Pitt has really moved on from Angelina Jolie and firmly anchored his heart to the figure of Ines de Ramon. After some time ago admitting that Ines de Ramon was his girlfriend, their romance has recently become stronger after rumors of dating for the last year. Ines de Ramon was finally able to provide solace for the 59-year-old actor so that they now live together in the same house. Reporting from the People page, Brad Pitt lived with his girlfriend after de Ramon moved into his house recently. Ines de Ramon is also very happy with their relationship.

“This is quite new. They have become very strong and he is happier than before,” said someone close to de Ramon.

Rumors of a romance between Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon began to emerge after the two were spotted on a date while watching Bono’s concert in Los Angeles on November 14 2022. At that time they were caught on camera holding hands. Although Pitt and de Ramon have yet to make their red carpet debut as a couple, they did step out together on Thursday at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where Pitt honored his friend, Bradley Cooper, with the performer of the year award. In a photo published by HELLO!, Pitt and de Ramon are seen sitting next to each other in the audience, right behind Cooper, and his Maestro co-star Carey Mulligan.

One of the horrendous moments was last year’s Valentine’s Day when Ines de Ramon caused a stir because she was seen walking around Los Angeles carrying a bouquet of pink flowers. The public suspects that the flowers were given by Brad Pitt, the actor who is often seen dating her. Wearing a black top, jeans and boots, Ines left her workplace. He smiled brightly while wearing sunglasses. De Ramon then smiled as he carried his gift out of the office and into the car. A source also confirmed to People that Pitt, who was in New York City filming “Wolves,” sent Ramon flowers FOR4D and a baguette. Even though they are in different states, it seems that Brad Pitt wants to make sure that Ines de Ramon’s Valentine’s Day is a special day by giving her a gift as a sign of his affection.

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