Kristen Stewart Rushed to Hospital Due to Severe Anxiety Disorder

Kristen Stewart

Know Your IdolKristen Stewart was rushed to hospital with a severe anxiety disorder after lying on the bathroom floor for hours. Stewart experienced this mental illness after his name became known through the film Twilight. Stewart revealed that since then his anxiety disorder had gotten worse and required hospital treatment.

“(At the hospital) they were like, ‘He’s dehydrated.’ I was like, ‘I’m not dehydrated. I’m passed out.’ “They gave me an IV and a mild sedative, and I started to calm down and my arms started to open up,” Stewart told Rolling Stone magazine.

Apart from experiencing a severe anxiety disorder, this 33-year-old Hollywood actress also suffers from insomnia and vomits when her anxiety peaks.

“I always think, ‘Who knows? I could spontaneously combust in a puddle of vomit right now,” he explained. Difficulty sleeping, whose real name is Kristen Jaymes Stewart, continued for years until she met her fianc√©, Dylan Meyer FOR4D.

After they lived together, the Bella Swan actor followed a healthy routine.

“When he moved into this house, I had no curtains, three forks, and I never drank coffee, and I thought, ‘I don’t sleep,'” she said. “He’s like, ‘In the morning, you drink coffee and work, and you live, and you’re awake, and then at night you close the curtains.

“When you think about it, it’s very obvious,” she continued. In another interview, the American artist discussed his romantic relationship and revealed that they plan to get married soon. However, the couple decided not to have a big ceremony as they were both very busy with work. Stewart also revealed that they plan to start a family in the future. She hoped it would really happen, even though she felt afraid of giving birth.

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