Tooturnttony Wiki 2022: Net Worth, Height, Relationship and More

Who is TooTurnttony?

TooTurnttony (born February 11, 1997) is an American TikTok star who is famous for doing comedy skits and lip-syncing videos.

Tooturnttony works as a duck rancher for a living and makes role-playing videos with the ducks. Formerly, his occupation was of a model.

Moreover, he was really famous on Vine for his comedic videos but it was taken down so he decided to join the TikTok application.

Tooturnttony Gif

As of June 2022, Anthony also has over 9.8 million followers on TikTok and over 468k followers on his Instagram handle.

TooTurnttony is also regarded as one of the most handsome male influencers on TikTok with his fit body and fair face.

Today we will be looking at TooTurnttony’s age, height, weight, career rise, net worth, relationship, and dating life and full bio down below.

So let us begin



Real NameAnthony
Nick NameTooTurnttony
Date of BirthFebruary 11, 1997
Birth PlaceUSA
Age22 years old
Birth SignAquarius
ProfessionTikTok Star, Model
Height (approx.)N/A
Weight (approx.)N/A
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
SiblingBrother – Dominic, Sister – Maria
Net Worth$100,000 – $500,000


Early Life

What did TooTurnttony do before TikTok? TooTurnttony or Anthony was creative and passionate to make a video or short cinematic clips from the early age of 4.

He and his father used to make videos when they used to pretend to smoke and posing for a camera on the roof of their car.

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Tooturnttony was also really passionate about the gym and bodybuilding hence he has a fit and muscular body from his teen days.

Before joining TikTok, he was equally famous on Vine for his comedy videos and later switched to TikTok after Vine got removed from the Internet.

He was also equally talented in studies and has completed a master’s degree in media studies such as video and films.


What is TooTurnttony famous for? As we have mentioned earlier, TooTurnttony was very passionate about making videos and even joined a degree to study media study.

But before his TikTok life, he worked as a model for some time. He was also heavily involved in bodybuilding which eventually landed him the role of a model.

After getting a prestigious job in a film-making company, he left the job as a model.

His creativity was known among his friends but not many people since he was constantly making videos for his friends and family.

His friends encouraged him to make TikTok videos but as he was employed he did not have time to make those videos.

But during early 2020, he was in his home or his ranch quarantined and that’s when he decided to make a TikTok video.

His first video was a comedy video with his duck and it got constantly viral with over a million views. Anthony was very surprised by the rapid growth of his popularity.

His other viral videos were the videos where he constantly makes his mother crazy with all the pranks and challenges.

They love the chemistry between the family. Sometimes he also involves his brother and sister to make TikTok videos.

Currently, he has over 5.5 million followers on TikTok with over 200 million likes on the platform.

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He is constantly getting over 100,000 views on his recent videos and his most videos hit the 1 million marks as well.

According to Anthony, his videos are based on real-life moments or impromptu ideas and not planned.

He clarified planned videos do not have that improvisation to make them look authentic and real.

He also advises any new TikTok artist to be real and honest. He says the biggest mistake that a newcomer can make is if they try to fake or try it too hard.

He says being natural is key to get success in any social media platform.

What is Tooturnttony currently doing now? As of now, Tooturnttony has left his job as a model and as an employee and now only focuses on making videos and working as a rancher on his ranch.

He has also released his merch on his Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Tooturnttony with his duck


Personal Information

What is the height of Tooturnttony? There is no official record of his exact height and weight measurements but he is quite tall and has a fit muscular body.

He is the perfect specimen for male models. His hair color is brown and has brown color eyes.

His hobbies are making videos, bodybuilding, and working on a ranch. He is also a family guy and continues to involve them regularly in his videos and photos.

Who is Tooturnttony dating now? As of now, Anthony has not revealed anything about his dating life and we can believe he is single.

Although there were rumors he was in a relationship when he was a model, it cannot be confirmed since the information is not from official sources.

Anthony also does not have any kids and is solely focusing on their career first rather than involving in relationships and bearing those responsibilities.

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Is Tooturnttony gay? Tooturnttony has not revealed his sexual orientation on any platforms so we cannot reliably point out if he is gay or not but we will make sure to update if any reliable information from official sources is found.


Who is the sister of Tooturnttony? TooTurnttony constantly uses his family on his TikTok videos and his Instagram posts.

Even though his parent’s names and professions are not known we do know the names of his siblings.

He has a brother name Dominik and a sister named Maria who frequently make appearances in his TikTok and Instagram posts.

Tooturnttony brother and sister

Net Worth

What is Tooturnttony’s Net worth? Tooturnttony is a popular American TikTok Star who is loved by millions of people and admired from all over the world.

Due to such recognition, he has been living a very luxurious life. He has his own ranch, house, and own car. He has an estimated net worth of $100,000 to $500,000.

His primary source of income tends to be from his TikTok.

But he also has earned a fair share of income from brand deals, merchandise, and from his ranch.

Tooturnttony net worth


  • Tooturnttony was passionate about making videos since he was 4.
  • He worked as a model and an employee in a film production company before becoming a TikTok star.
  • He currently works on his ranch along with his popular ducks.
  • He first started posting in TikTok in early 2020.
  • He has a net worth of approximately $100,000 to $500,000.
  • TooTurnttony and Tay Scheider, both are popular American TikTok stars.


Check out Tooturnttony’s best TikTok right here:

Image Credit: @tooturnttoni Instagram

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