TenZ Height

TenZ Height

It is not whether you are knocked down that wears you out.”


TenZ is a 21-year-old Canadian man. TenZ is his alias. Tyson began playing video games when he was 12 years old. He is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, one of just 24 in his country, and he later began playing Valorant Game. He is a well-known Twitch and YouTube content creator. He also plays PUBG and Fortnite in addition to CS: GO.

He is also a paid professional Valorant player, which is how he earns money. He is also Canadian and follows Christianity as his religion. He also makes money through Amazon’s affiliate program.

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He was the expert scene’s youngest player, having entered at eighteen. On January 12, 2021, he elected to depart Cloud9 Blue to develop content. TenZ was transferred to Sentinels by Cloud9 in April 2021, three months after resuming skilled bravery.

Do you want to know Tenz’s height? Then read this article to learn more about Tenz Height. He is a Canadian player who was born on May 5, 2001. We have seen people looking for Tenz Height, and we have the solution.

Tenz is what height?

This section contains information about Tenz’s height. As previously stated, Tenz’s height is 152 cm in centimeters, 1.52 m in meters, and 5’8′′ in feet.


Tenz in Feet Height

Tenz’s Canadian player stands 152 cm (5’8′′) tall. In 2022, she will be 21 years old, and he will weigh 62 kg.

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TenZ has a net worth of $1.25 million (estimated). Some of his primary money streams are esports, Twitch, YouTube, brand endorsements, sponsorships, and so on. His primary source of income is esports, where he earns money through playing Valiant. In addition, he receives a percentage of the winning prize.

Furthermore, he has around 4100 Twitch subscribers, which is impressive. He presently has 4000 active Tier 1 subscribers. As a result, he only earns approximately $20,000 each month from Twitch users. He also receives presents and congrats. According to his YouTube account, his monthly ad earnings are expected to be $10,000. He also regularly participates in sponsorships with well-known firms. He’s worked with firms such as G-Fuel and Secret Lab.

Some Information About Tyson Ngo

  • Tyson rose to prominence through his Twitch account, where he streams his game live.
  • He adores animals.
  • Tyson Ngo generally publishes on his social media account alongside his girlfriend.
  • Tenz has 655K Instagram followers and 1.17 YouTube subscribers.
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Tenzin’s nationality is unknown. Expert Gamer Ethnicity and Family Tenz are a Canadian with Vietnamese and French ancestors. His ancestors are most likely from Vietnam and France, although he hasn’t shared anything about his family history in public.

However, he experienced numerous ups and downs during his playing career. Despite this, Tenzin’s mother often encouraged him to hold steady and assisted him in working himself through problems.

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Is Tenz’s Married? Tenz is connected to well-known content creator Kyedae Shymko but can now not make her better half and engaged. Several people, in particular, have been in genuine illegal relationships in the north for three years, beginning in August 2022.

Tenz also drew with Kyedae in August 2022. Meanwhile, people are speculating that they may marry in 2022. However, many people have not revealed anything about their wedding preparations in public in the past. Their admirers are excitedly awaiting the birth of their second child.


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