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Synndy Synn Wiki: Age, Realtion and Net Worth (2022)

Who is Synndy Synn?

Amanda Huber (Born November 14, 1985), famously known as Synndy Synn is a Former wrestler.

Synndy is also known for her marriage with the famous wrestling star ‘Jonathan Huber’, also known as Luke Harper.

Huber is also active on social media, where her Instagram handle has an impressive following of 57.9 Thousand.

We are going to learn about Synndy’s Age, Marriage, and Net Worth. Let’s get started.

Quick Bio


Amanda Huber with her son

Real NameAmanda Huber
Nick NameSynndy Synn, Larry
Date of BirthNovember 14, 1985
Birth PlaceRochester, New York, North America
Birth SignScorpio
EthnicityWhite Caucasian American
ProfessionFormer Wrestler
Height (approx.)5 Feet and 5 Inches/ 1.65 Meters
Weight (approx.)61 Kilograms/ 135 pounds
Hair ColorBlond
Eye ColorBlue
SpouseJonathan Huber, Nicknames:(Luke Harper/Brodie Lee)
ChildrenBrodie Huber and Nolan Huber
Net Worth5 Million USD

Early Life

Where did Synndy Synn grow up? Synndy Synn grew up in Rochester, New York, North America.

Amanda has a normal childhood and grew up in a big family.

Reportedly, from an early age, Synndy Synn was interesting in wrestling.

Furthermore, her family supported her and provided wrestling classes to help her pursue her career.


What is Synndy Synn famous for? Synndy Synn is famous for being a former wrestler.

Furthermore, Synndy is also known for being the wife of the famous WWE superstar ‘Brodie Lee’.

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Despite have a short wrestling career, Amanda was the first female ‘Cruiserweight Champion’ at her training school.

Synndy started her wrestling career in 2003, which lasted till 2009, one year after her marriage.

Amanda Huber with husband

When did Brodie Lee Join WWE? Huber signed a ‘Developmental contract’ with WWE on March 12, 2012.

Initially, he was known as ‘Luke Harper’ as a follower of the famous ‘Bray Wyatt’ of ‘The Wyatt Family’.

On the famous raw episode on July 8, the infamous Wyatt Family made their debut by assaulting superstar ‘Kane’.

However, harper’s first fight was against ‘Brodus Clay and ‘Tensai’ on July 26.

His first loss was against the famous ‘Cody Rhodes’ and ‘Goldust’ on October 11, on the popular episode of SmackDown.

During Brodie’s peak moments, he and the Wyatt family had a rivalry with WWE superstar ‘CM Punk’ and ‘Daniel Bryan’ in the survivor series.

Personal Life

How tall is Synndy Synn? Synndy Synn currently stands at 5 Feet and 5 Inches (1.65 Meters)

Furthermore, presently she weighs around 61 Kilograms (135 pounds).

Amanda is of American Nationality and has white caucasian ethnicity.

She has big blue eyes and natural blond hair, furthermore, Amanda celebrates her birthday on November 14.

Most of the former wrestler’s fans enquire about her starting in order to relate to her. Well, Synndy’s star sign is Scorpio.

Synndy and her family are religious Christians and celebrate holidays as a family.


Who was Synndy Synn married to? Synndy Synn got married to former Wrestling star ‘Jonathan Huber’.

Amanda and Jonathan initially met at the ‘Independent Circuit’, when synndy was a professional wrestler.

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After their famous met up, they started dating for a few years.

Later on, the famous couple tied the knot in 2008.

Amanda Huber with her husband

When did Brodie Lee die? Unfortunately, on December 26, 2020, Jonathan Huber died.

According to Amanda, he had been treating for a lung issue at the ‘Mayo Clinic’, located in Jacksonville, Florida.

The connection to the ‘Covid-19’ was dismissed, as he has tested negative.

On the popular podcast ‘AEW Unrestricted’, synndy revealed that the official cause of Jon’s death was ‘Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis’.


Who are Synndy Synn’s children? Synndy Synn’s have two sons named Brodie Huber and Nolan Huber.

Furthermore, Brodie was born in January 2012, whereas Nolan was born in December 2017.

Their first child Brodie was named after his famous father’s wrestling persona name ‘Brodie Lee’.

After Jonathan’s death, Brodie was signed to ‘All Elite Wrestling’ and joined his father’s team ‘The Dark Order‘.

After the second child was born, Brodie was sent to his home for his brother’s birth.

Amanda Huber with family

Who are Synndy Synn’s Parents? Amanda’s father and mother’s information is not available in the online domain.

Furthermore, Synn did not reveal her sibling’s information also, hence, we can be sure that she wants to keep her personal life private.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Synndy Synn? Synndy Synn has a net worth of approximately 5 Million dollars.

Furthermore, during her prime years of wrestling, she reportedly earned around 100,000 USD.

In addition, her husband’s million-dollar contracts with the famous company ‘WWE’ have contributed to the Huber family.

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Furthermore, Jonathan was earning an impressive 550,000 USD per annum.

The famous couple was also involved in brand promotions and sponsorships, which adds to their revenue stream.


The former wrestler has lived an interesting as well as tragic life, where she met some famous people.

Let us see some of her trivia and awesome facts.

Amanda Huber cool

  • Amanda has a pet dog named “Bubby’, which is a rescued Carolina dog.
  • Apparently, Amanda got her famous nickname ‘Synndy Synn’ during her wrestling days.
  • In spite of having natural blond hair, the former wrestler likes to dye her hair in a different color, for instance, purple, violet, and others.
  • As most of the wrestlers have tattoos, however, Synndy Synn does not have any ink on her skin, as she considers her fans will try to copy her.
  • In the famous episode of ‘Royal Rumble,’ Synndy Synn’s husband eliminated two participants.
  • Brodie Lee was the famous ‘Intercontinental Champion for a year.
  • From 2017, Jonathan was a part of famous due known as ‘The Bludgeon Brothers’, with the ring name ‘Harper’.
  • Huber’s husband made his debut for the ‘All Elite Wrestling’ (AWE) famously on March 18, 2020.
  • Under his wrestling name, Amanda’s husband is playable in games, for instance, WWE2k 15,16,17,18,19, and 20.


Does Synndy Synn have an official YouTube channel? No, the famous online personality does not own an official YouTube handle.

However, being a former wrestler and wife of Brodie lee, Amanda is featured in videos having thousands of views.

Here is a video of Amanda and her husband, before he passed away.


Image Credit: @mandahuber Instagram

Video Credit: @let’sknowmore YouTube

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