Shammi Prasad

Shammi Prasad Wiki: Net Worth, Height, Relationship and Full Bio

Who is Shammi Prasad?

Shammi Prasad (born February 1, 1993) is one of the popular Facebook social media personalities. He is widely recognized as just Shammi. He is very famous for his pranks and challenges videos.

He also likes to do short comedy videos and also likes to interact with his fans with Q and A’s.

He is most famous on Facebook with over 700,000 followers.

He is also equally popular on other social media like Instagram with over 1 million followers and on YouTube with over 965,000 followers.

He also frequently features his brother Jayden Prasad and audiences love his challenge videos with his brother.

Today we will be learning more about his height, weight, career, net worth, relationship, and full bio down below.

So let’s get started.

Shammi Prasad

Quick Bio

Real NameShammi Prasad
Nick NameShammi
Date of BirthFebruary 1, 1993
Birth PlaceBrisbane, Australia
Birth SignAquarius
Height (approx.)6 ft 1 inch or 1.85 m
Weight (approx.)70 kg 154 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
SiblingJayden Prasad
SpouseSarah Rae
Net Worth$13 million
ProfilesInstagram, Facebook, YouTube

Early Life

Where was Shammi Prasad born? Shammi Prasad was born in Brisbane Australia. Earlier he was impressed by Vine and was inspired by them.

He tried to make a Vine account but was not accepted or he did not know how to make it.

He was 20 years old when he first started to make a 6-second video on his Facebook. He started pranks after some time because he was mischievous from a very young age.

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He was also silly among his friends and always tried to make pranks with them.

This later paved his way towards his career path.

Shammi Prasad


What is Shammi Prasad famous for? Shammi Prasad is one of the popular social media figures particularly famous for his challenges, pranks, and vlog videos.

He was famous on Facebook and later gained fame all over the internet from YouTube to Instagram.

His career journey started from making funny 60 seconds videos likes vine. Later he made an entire Facebook page for his funny videos.

He started making prank videos and funny videos that are relatable to everyday life. His first viral video on Facebook was titled “That feeling the Day before Payday”.

The video went viral and got millions of views and reactions. Today he has over 700,000 followers on Facebook.

After that Shammi started to get recognition on Facebook.

He also made a YouTube channel and started to make prank videos and challenge videos on his YouTube channel.

He started making a video series titled “How to piss your mate” which became incredibly popular and funny all over the YouTube industry.

The video got over 5 million views and Sammi started to generate audiences very fast.

He also started pranking video with his brother which was equally liked by his fans. People loved the angry reaction from his brother.

His brother also started to gain popularity from those videos. He later started involving his wife in his videos and fans adored those videos as well.

Currently, he has over 965,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Hotel Meriton Challenge -But his fame actually did not appear due to Facebook and YouTube videos.

He was famous all over Australia and later all over the world after jumping off a 50 storied Meriton Hotel in Australia.

People did not realize he was doing a challenge video and there was panic among the general public. He later broke the fall with a parachute attached.

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Not everyone was happy with his effort. People were demanding he should be arrested for such careless action.

He was all over the internet for negative reasons and he was heavily criticized for this action.

Melbourne Cup Prank – Shammi was involved in another major controversy when he was involved in the Melbourne Cup prank. Melbourne Cup is a prestigious horse racing competition in Australia.

He turned off the projector of the match and raised his hand in victory. The crowd was confused at first and later outraged as they were not able to see the match.

He was heavily criticized for it and later Shammi apologized via his Twitter.

But despite criticism, he also gained a lot of new fans and new audiences that love his videos.

He is also equally popular on his Instagram where he shares his family and friend’s photos. He currently has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

Shammi Prasad

Personal Information

What is the height of Shammi Prasad? Shammi Prasad stands at a height of 6 ft 1 inch tall and weighs about 70 kg.

His hair color is black and he has black color eyes. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

He has a tall body and a wide face. He has bright white teeth. He does not have any tattoos on his body.

He likes to wear Vests and shorts. He says he feels comfortable in Flip-Flops.


Who is Shammi Prasad married to? Shammi Prasad is currently married to model and Instagram celebrity Sarah Rae.

Sammi constantly brings his wife on his prank videos and his Instagram account. The couple does not have any kids as of yet.

Other than Sarah, Shammi has not revealed any other relationship and has kept it private.

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He normally shares with his fans but not everything and keeps some part of his life private.

Shammi Prasad and Sarah Rae


Who is the brother of Shammi Prasad? Shammi Prasad has not revealed anything about his parents hence there is no information about them.

He has only revealed he was raised by his parents along with his brother in Australia.

Other than that his parents’ name and profession are still unknown. But many of Shammi’s fans are aware of his brother.

His brother’s name is Jayden Prasad. Jayden is also a YouTuber and constantly features videos with Sammi.

The two brothers make lots of challenge and prank videos with each other. Some of Shammi’s most loved videos are those challenges and prank videos with his brother.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Shammi Prasad? Shammi Prasad is one of the most popular social media personalities with over 10 million followers on all social media platforms.

With his popularity, he has made quite a fortune for himself. His assets and salary are not quite revealed to the public but he has shared his expensive holiday trips all around the world.

He also possesses his own house, cars, bikes, and a boat.

His primary source of income tends to be from social media advertisement, brand deals, and paid sponsorship.

As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $13 million.

Shammi Prasad


  • Shammi Prasad was born in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Shammi Prasad is known for his pranks and challenge videos.
  • He has combined over 10 million followers on all of his social media platforms.
  • His brother’s name is Jayden Prasad and his wife’s name is Sarah Rae.
  • Shammi has a net worth of approximately $13 million as of 2020.


Check out one of the random videos of Shammi Prasad

Image Credit: @shammi_ltd Instagram

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