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Mercurial Mouse Wiki: Age, Height, Relationship, Net Worth and Full Bio

Who is Mercurial Mouse?

Mercurial Mouse (Born 2000) is a famous Social Media star. Furthermore, she has a very famous Instagram handle.

Mercurial Mouse is also famous for posting cosplay pictures, where she does makeup and dress like an anime character.

She currently has 780 thousand followers on her Instagram handle, furthermore, she has posted 163 posts on it.

Quick Bio


Real NameNot Available
Nick NameMercurial Mouse
Date of BirthN/A
Birth PlaceAustralia
Birth SignN/A
EthnicityWhite Australian
ProfessionInstagrammer, Cosplay
Height (approx.)5 feet and 3 inches/1.6 meters
Weight (approx.)59 kg/130.07
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
SpouseNot Married
Net WorthN/A
ProfilesFacebook, Instagram, Twitch

Early Life

Where was Mercurial Mouse born? Mercurial is an Australian born star.

Furthermore, young Mercurial Mouse first posted her first Instagram post on February 24, 2013, where she got 1.278 likes.

Form her early years, she was a fan of anime, gaming, and makeup, which she capitalized and turn them into her strength and earning pathway.


How many followers does Mercurial Mouse have? Mercurial Mouse currently has thousands of followers on various social media platforms.

Mercurial Mouse while streaming

For instance, she currently has 8.2 thousand followers on the Twitch channel, 1667 followers on her Facebook account, and a massive 780 thousand followers on Instagram.

She can be found gaming online nowadays in her Twitch account. Furthermore, Mouse wears a cat ear headset and pink wig to adore her fans.

Mercurial Mouse is currently popular for playing online games, For instance, ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Fortnite’.

However, she has admitted that she is terrible at online gaming but still has a lot of fun while playing.

The social media artist also opened an account on the popular app ‘TikTok’, where she currently has 11.1 thousand followers.

Furthermore, she has a massive 83 thousand and averages thousands of likers per content in TikTok.

Personal Information?

How tall is Mercurial Mouse? The beautiful Instagrammer stands at a height of 5 feet and 3 inches (1.6 meters) and weighs around 59 kilograms (130.07 pounds).

Furthermore, she is a beautiful Australian girl with a fair complex and gorgeous eyes, and got a slender figure.

Mercurial Mouse cosplaying

In addition, the streamer typically wears colorful wigs and bright makeup, for gaming and modeling.

Nothing more is known about her educational background, but it is reported that she has completed basic studies.

The popular streamer also has a private Instagram account where she has a massive 87.6 thousand followers and posts about 44 posts.

The internet star was also engaged and fascinated by the artistic artwork, which she still sometimes does in her free time.


Who are Mercurial Mouse’s parents? The whereabouts and information of Mercurial Mouse’s parents are not revealed by her.

However, her parents are reportedly from native Australia and supported their’s daughters’ online journey.

Mercurial probably hides them from the public eye, as she does not want them to be in the spotlight and take possible online harassment.

Moreover, Mercurial Mouse does not even reveal her real name and last name, so it clearly seems she wants her personal and professional life separated.


Is Mercurial Mouse in a relationship? The current status of Mercurial Mouse’s dating life is not available in the public domain.

However, we can be pretty sure that a beautiful girl like Mercurial has millions of people admiring her.

Furthermore, she mostly attracts anime and comic book fans because of her online persona.

Net Worth

How much Mercurial Mouse worth? As of 2022, the Mercurial mouse is making approximately 500 thousand USD.

The Social media star is famous for wearing a wig and portraying fictional characters attracting thousand and thousand of fans.

Mercurial Mouse flexing

Furthermore, she has multiple Instagram accounts and Twitch accounts which gives her more way of earning revenue.

Mercurial Mouse also makes revenue from the infamous adult app ‘only fans’, where she currently has 35.3 thousand likes and 150 posts.

Furthermore, her subscription plan has 14.99 USD per month, 38.22 USD for 3 months and, 62.96 USD for 6 months,

Consequently, from ‘OnlyFans’  she earns thousands of dollars in revenue stream on a daily and monthly basis.

She is also increasing her portfolio as she is also in online gaming, modeling, and brand promotion.

Famous brands and sponsorship companies are definitely reviewing mercurial mouse, as she can be a potential marketing tool for them.

For instance, the famous clothing brand ‘Hardtuned’, where she promoted their sweaters and shirts in her official Facebook handle.


Mercurial Mouse has lived an interesting life. As of 2022, she has many interesting facts and trivia about her. For instance

Mercurial Mouse with her car.

  • The Content create is a fan of the popular Video game character ‘Zelda’.
  • The streamer loves being the character ‘D.V.a’ while playing overwatch because the character matches Mercurial Mouse’s personality.
  • She was featured in popular Youtuber ‘Joe Weller’s podcast in a video titled ‘Should I allow My Girlfriend to sell N*des on OnlyFans?‘, which she posted on her Instagram.
  • Mouse currently like the popular anime ‘My Hero Academia’, which she cosplayed and posted on her Instagram handle.
  • Mercurial has collected anime toys as her hobby.
  • The Instagrammer is reportedly a big fan of pokemon anime as well as pokemon merchandise, for instance, shoes, hoodies, and hats.
  • She sells her merchandise via ‘’ and on ‘linktr. ee/mercurialmouse’.
  • The cosplayer often interacts with her fans for cosplay and makeup ideas.
  • she is a fitness enthusiast.
  • Many beauty magazines have put her on the cover.
  • The gamer’s favorite game is the popular online multiplayer game ‘Fortnite’, furthermore, she is also popular for playing Minecraft, where she makes an entertaining world.
  • The Youtuber often enjoys calming and therapeutic music, which he puts in her streams and videos.
  • The Tiktoker puts videos of classic and modern sports cars on the TikTok handle. For instance, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Dodge, and Nissan.


Does Mercurial Mouse have a Youtube channel? Yes, Mercurial Mouse has a Youtube channel name ‘Mercurial Mouse’.

Furthermore, she has about 2 thousand subscribers and posted about 5 videos to date.

Her First Video is titled ‘Mercurial Mouse Game Room Tour‘ and her Most viewed video is ‘Gamer Girl ASMR’.

Image credit: ‘@mercurialmouse’ Instagram

Video credit: ‘@mercurialmouse ‘ Youtube

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