Jordan Cephus with his father

Jordan Cephus Age, Parents, Net Worth Wiki and Full Bio [2022]

Who is Jordan Cephus?

Jordan Cephus (Born November 18, 2010) is the son of famous rapper Kiari Cephus, better known as offset and Justine Watson.

The star’s son is American by birth.

Jordan was born in Los Angeles, North California. Consequently, he has seen the Hollywood lifestyle from an early age.

Quick Bio


Real NameJordan Cephus
Nick NameJordan
Date of BirthNovember 18, 2010
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, USA
Age10 years old
Birth SignScorpio
Height (approx.)5 feet and 5 inches/ 1.65 meters
Weight (approx.)55 kilograms/ 121 pounds
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
FatherKiari Cephus (Offset)
MotherJustine Watson
SiblingKody Cephus, Kalea Cephus, and Kulture Cephus
SpouseNot Married
Net Worth 1 million USD

Early Life

Where did Jordan Cephus go to school? Jordan Cephus’s educational background is not available in the Public eye, but it is pretty obvious, he has studied in some of the finest schools in Los Angeles.

When Jordan’s father initially found out about him for the first time, the famous rapper denied the allegation about his son.

Jordan Cephus as a child

Furthermore, after many years of being apart from his son, Offset has claimed that he remained a stable figure in his children’s life.

After many years, Offset was reunited with his son, three years ago and posted on his various social media handle.


What is Jordan Cephus famous for? It cannot be much said about Young Jordan Cephus’s career as he is just 10 years old.

However, Jordan is showing signs of future stardom, as he wants to be popular like his famous father.

Furthermore, he wants to be successful in the entertainment industry or in a similar platform.

Personal Information

How tall is Jordan Cephus? Jordan Cephus currently stands at 5 feet and 5 inches (1.65 meters), whereas he weighs around 55 kg (121 pounds).

Cephus has nice facial features, where he has black eyes and beautiful black hair.

Offset’s son has an African-American ethnicity, with black beautiful hair.

Jordan’s favorite food is pizza, whereas his favorite sneaker is ‘Jordans’, which is similar to his own name.

Moreover, Jordan likes to experiment with his hairstyle, for instance, he made his hair braided, blond, and cornrow.


Who are Jordan Cephus’s parents? Jordan Cephus’s parents are more famous the Jordan. His father is the musical superstar Kirari Cephus, better known as Offset and his mother is Justine Watson.

Cephus has three siblings, Kody Cephus, Kalea Cephus, and Kulture Cephus, who are from different mothers.

Jordan cephus with his family

Cardi B gave birth to Jordan’s stepsister in 2018, Moreover, Offset has children from ‘Oriel Jamie’ and ‘Shya L’Amour’.

Jordan’s parents gave birth to him when they were still dating and still unmarried.

Unfortunately, Justine and offset broke up after Jordan was born and Justine filed a lawsuit against Offset in 2017 for child support.


Who is Jordan Cephus Dating? Jordan Cephus is not currently dating anyone right now, as he is just 10 years old. Furthermore, the starkid’s personal life has been kept private from, public domain by his parents. It is just a little matter of time, as the rich and handsome Jordan Cephus finds his love interest, similar to his famous father, who has dated various singers and models.

Furthermore, many fans of Jordans are eager to see him dating someone or, want to date him as he matures.Offset released an album called ‘Father of four’ in February 2019, in which he dedicates his songs to his four children ‘Jordan’, ‘Kalea Marie’, ‘Kulture kiari’, and ‘Kody Cephus’Moreover, offset spoils his children with expensive clothes, for instance’ with brands like ‘Gucci’. ‘Dolce’, ‘Armani’ and ‘Nike’.

Net Worth

What is the worth of Jordan Cephus? People often inquire about young Jordan’s net worth but he is just a 10-year-old boy.

However, Jordan can enjoy his famous father’s rich and fortune, which is estimated at about 16 million dollars USD.

Jordan cephus with his family

Offset has certainly given his children a lavish life most of the people dreamed of. Furthermore, he had to give thousands of dollars to Jordan’s mother for child support.

Moreover, Kirari is a member of the famous hip-hop trio group  ‘Migos’ the group combines earning of approximately 25 million USD.

Furthermore with the hit album like ‘Yung Rich Nation’, ‘Culture’ and ‘Culture II’, offset’s revenue with continue to grow even more.


As of 2022, Jordan Cephus is only 10 years old, but he has lived a very interesting life. For instance

  • Jordan Cephus’s stepmother was Cardi B until 2018.
  • The young star’s Twitter handle is named ‘Jordan Cephus’.
  • Jordan is a fan of the Popular American Tv series ‘Family Guy’.
  • Cephus’s favorite clothes’ brand is ‘Gucci’, ‘Balenciaga’, and much more.
  • Offset would dress up his son with sneakers like ‘Nike’ and ‘Jordans’
  • The young internet celebrity has often been seen in his father’s concert.
  • Young Jordan was visited by his father at his school during his launch hour, as offset claims, he does not have time enough time to meet his children.
  • The famous star was finally accepted by his famous father ‘offset’ after, he did a DNA check to see if Jordan is his son or not.
  • Jordan spent the recent Christmas with his father ‘Offset’, his step-mother ‘Cardi B’ and his stepbrothers and sisters, where he received various presents.
  • The star son was gifted a gold chain by his father.
  • Reportedly, offset changed his son Jordan’s last name to his, after it was known that offset is the father.


There are many videos available on Youtube featuring ‘Jordan Cephus’, where his famous father ‘Offset’ and stepmother ‘Cardi B’, who are some of the most famous people in the world.

There are always constant cameras pointed at Jordan, so most of his life is available as videos.

For instance, ‘offset buys a kid gold chain‘ titled video is a video featuring offset and Jordan.

Moreover, a video titled ‘offset son Jordan being coached by Quavo, Could he be the next MJ?’, has captioned where Jordan is compared to famous basketball player ‘Micheal Jordan’

Here is a fun video featuring Jordan Cephus, Enjoy!

Image credit: ‘@celebzkid ‘ Instagram

Video credit: ‘@HipHopAllAround ‘ Youtube

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