David Irving

David Irving Wiki 2022: Age, height, Net Worth and Full Bio

Who is David Irving?

David Irving is a famous English author and Holocaust denier who was born on 24 March 1938. Irving is 83 years old and was born in Hutton, Essex, England.

David is famous for Historical revisionism, Holocaust denial, writing on Nazi Germany and World War II. His full name is David John Cawdell Irving.


Quick Bio

Real NameDavid Irving
Stage NameN/A
Date of Birth24 March 1938
Birth PlaceHutton, Essex, England
Age83 years old
Birth SignAries
Record LabelsN/A
Available onN/A
Height (approx.)N/A
Weight (approx.)N/A
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorBrown
FatherJohn James Cawdell
MotherBeryl Irving
SiblingDavid, John, and Jennifer
SpouseBente Hogh
ChildrenNames Not known
Net Worth$5 Million

David Irving

Early Life

Where was David Irving born?

David Irving was born on 24 March 1938 at Hutton, Essex, England, and is currently living in the same country. He went through his childhood without any toys.

Due to the war scenario, the island was often crowded with other people’s armies. David was a prankster and used to run toward bombed out houses shouting ‘Heil Hitler!’


What is David Irving famous for?

David Irving is a famous English author and Holocaust denier. He is famous for Historical revisionism, Holocaust denial, writing on Nazi Germany and World War II.

During his university in David, editor of the University of London Carnival Committee’s journal where he was involved in Carnival Times controversy by calling Hitler the “greatest unifying force Europe has known since Charlemagne”.

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Then instead of doing national service, he moved to Germany and worked as a steelworker in a Thyssen AG steel and then moved to Spain, where he worked as a clerk at an airbase.

David wrote a series of 37 articles for the German boulevard journal Neue Illustrierte on the Allied bombing campaign in 1962.

It was also the basis for his first book, The Destruction of Dresden. This book became an international best-seller.

Irving continued his work which also includes some works of negationist history. He then published his next book The Mare’s Nest in 1964.

David also translated Memoirs of Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel in 1965 and then published Accident: The Death of General Sikorski in 1967.

This book claims that the Polish government in exile leader General Władysław Sikorski was killed in a plane crash, an assassination ordered by Winston Churchill.

Books and Published Articles

David’s other books are The Virus House in 1967, The Destruction of Convoy PQ-17. Broome sued The Destruction of Convoy PQ-17 and won and Irving had to pay £40,000 in damages.

After the incident, David started to write biographies. He has written Breach of Security in 1968 which led to success with Dresden. He then got a chance to contact the inner ring of Hitler’s surviving member.

Some of them donated diaries and other material including many aging former mid- and high-ranked Nazis.

He translated the memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen, wrote a biography of Field Marshal Milch titled The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe.

David also wrote a bio about Adolf Hitler titled Hitler’s War and The War Path, about Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, and a series about Dam Busters raid in the Sunday Express.

He has also published the bio of Winston Churchill, then published two books The War Between the Generals and Uprising! in 1981, biography of Hermann Göring in 1989, and the first volume of Heinrich Himmler biography in 2020.

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Holocaust denial

David denied the holocaust. He has either questioned or denied Hitler’s involvement in the Holocaust and also argued that Hitler was against the killings of the Jews in the East.

In David Frost‘s aired debate, he also argued that there was no evidence Hitler even knew about the Holocaust. Irving also claimed that Hitler was as evil as Churchill, like Roosevelt, and also as evil as Truman.

He had a view that Hitler often tried to help the Jews of Europe and also claimed that the Holocaust was not the work of Nazi leaders, but rather of “nameless criminals”.

David gave the interview that male Jews were the victims of a large number of rather run-of-the-mill criminal elements which exist in Central Europe.

When they wanted to take revenge on someone due to the loss of their women, wives, and children in the bombing raids, Hitler ordered the expulsion and then these people took it out on the person that they could.

He also claimed that there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz to an audience in Germany and told an audience in Canada that when there’s money involved, there would be people claiming to be eyewitnesses to gas chambers or extermination camps.

Irving also told an audience in Tampa, Florida that Jews “had it coming for them”.

David Irving

Personal Information

What is the height of David Irving?

David Irving is born on 24 March 1938 at Hutton, Essex, England, and is currently living in the same country. Irving stands at a height of unknown and weight of about unknown kgs.

David Irving’s zodiac sign is Aries. His hair is white in color and his eyes of Irving are light brown in color.

David attended Brentwood School located at Brentwood, Essex, England, and completed A levels there. Then he studied physics at Imperial College London which he did not complete due to financial constraints.

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David also studied political economy at University College London but again complete it due to financial difficulties.


Who is David Irving married to? Well, as per the various sources Irving is currently married to Bente Hogh since 1992.

David Irving was married to María del Pilar Stuyck. Their married lasted from 1961 to 1981 and have four children together in their marriage relationship.

Then he married a Danish model, Bente Hogh. in 1992 and has a daughter together.


David Irving is born at Hutton, Essex, England of America. Irving’s mother’s name is Beryl Irving (née Newington), an illustrator and writer of children’s books and his father’s name is John James Cawdell.

Irving was a naval officer and a commander in the Royal Navy. He has a twin brother David Irving. David also has a brother named John and a sister named Jennifer.

John James Cawdell Irving was an officer aboard the light cruiser HMS Edinburgh. His ship Convoy QP 11 was badly damaged by the German submarine U-456 while escorting the ship in the Barents Sea.

Again, the ship was attacked by a surface craft that was now beyond recovery. His father survived but had cut off all the links with his wife and children after the incident.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of David Irving?

David Irving is a famous English author and Holocaust denier. He has earned a decent amount from writing. Irving’s net worth is estimated to be $100 thousand USD to 5 million USD.

David Irving


  • David Irving has given many interviews about Holocaust denial.
  • He has written a biography about Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill.
  • David Irving has a net worth of approximately $5 million as of 2022.
  • David Irving and Shane Burcaw are both popular American authors.


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